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Static stretching is stretching that is not performed in the course of movement. It should not be performed without warming up first. Dynamic stretching is preferred, but static stretching can be a decent alternative, for instance, when space is limited or particular muscles feel tight.


  • Arms: Lift an arm over the head, with the palm of the hand resting on the back between the shoulder blades. Pull the elbow (which should be directly over the head) with the other hand and hold.
  • Shoulders: Extend an arm across the chest. Pull the elbow towards the chest using the other hand and hold.
  • Quadriceps: Standing on one leg, grasp the ankle of the other leg, pull upwards, and hold.
  • Legs: While standing, spread the legs, reach for one ankle, and hold. After doing so for each ankle, reach for the floor and hold.
  • Lunges: Lunge forward with one leg, taking care not to extend the knee beyond the ankle of the forward leg, and hold. Without moving the feet, shift weight back, squat on the back leg, and hold. Without moving the feet, shift weight forward, placing on arm behind the forward leg and the other arm a shoulder-width from the first, and hold.
  • Butterfly: While seated, grasp both ankles, bring feet together, pull towards the body, and hold.
  • Spine: Sitting with legs extended, cross one leg over the other, hug the knee to the chest, and hold. Twist trunk in the opposite direction of the leg and hold.
  • Achilles: Sitting with legs extended, place the heel of one foot on the toe of the other, reach for the toe of the top foot, and hold.
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