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This article is about ways to make money outside of CRS and SGA budget allocations.


Event staffing

Program sales

Terrapin Sports Marketing employs club members to sell programs to fans at Comcast Center before basketball games. The club makes $1 for each program sold. A 6-person team can generally bring in $70-$160 in two hours, depending on the popularity of the game.


Clubs can sign up to sell concessions at sporting events for a fraction of the proceeds.

Redskins merchandise

In the past, we have sold Redskins merchandise at FedEx Field on game days for a portion of the proceeds.

Miscellaneous events

Occasionally, events on campus will offer money to clubs in exchange for members to staff the event. The Career Center, for instance, offers clubs money for each manhour worked by members staffing career fairs.

Sock sales

Our Maryland flag socks are ordered custom-made directly from the manufacturer, which makes us the only sale point for them, and they are very popular among UMD students and athletes. They should be advertised and sold to the general public, potentially with a discount for bulk orders from other CRS clubs.

Tournament hosting

We make a lot of money from hosting fencing tournaments. The two tournaments that we host annually are Chaos and the Cherry Blossom Open.


Donations to the club, mainly from alumni and parents, go into our Foundation account, and are tax-deductible. One major source of donations for us is the Alumni Meet. Sending out newsletters with a note about how to donate at the bottom is also a good way to provoke donations.

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