En Garde!

Information for New Members

Thinking of joining?

No gear or experience necessary! Just show up to any of our practices wearing athletic shoes and clothes you can move in. Whether you want to compete for your school or just learn a new sport, we'll teach you everything you need to know!

Now that you've joined:

There are a few things that we need all new members to do.

Sign up on the TerpLink page
All fencers need to be on here so that the school knows who we have in our club, and who's eligible to compete. Click here to go to our TerpLink page, then click "Join" at the bottom. Fill out your info, and you're all set!

Request access to the Google Group
Most of our communication takes place through email, and we use Google Groups to maintain our listserv. Click here to go to our group page, and click "Apply for membership". Make sure you read the email you get from umcpfencing; otherwise, you'll be left in the dark.

Thinking of competing?
If you want to compete with the club at any of our collegiate meets and tournaments, make sure you check out the competition page over here.

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We Are

A group of people with a love for fencing. Whether you've never even seen a sword or have been fencing competitively for years this team is right for you. If you simply want to come fence for the great workout it provides or you want to hone your skills fencing other collegiate teams, we welcome all types to come and practice with us. So why don't you check out our calendar and come to the next practice?

We Welcome

All University of Maryland students, staff, and registered alumni who have an interest in fencing or want to continue their training. We do not have cut off dates for joining practices so it is never too late in the year to start fencing! All you need is comfortable workout clothes and sneakers. Not a University of Maryland student, staff, or registered alumnus? Then check out our links page to find other clubs in the area! Still have questions? Feel free to contact us.